Beautiful & Talented “Marina Star” A Dance,Pop, Electronica Triple Threat from “New York City”



Marina Star has a lot more to offer than just a pretty face. With years of extensive training in pop vocals, acting and modern dance combined with being a bilingual songwriter, Marina is more than a triple threat in the entertainment industry. There is no denying the world is starting to acknowledge Marina Star. Marina has been at the top of the Reverbnation global dance/pop charts for over 6 months now and ranked as high as #4 in all genres of music worldwide out of 3.2 million bands and artists. Marina Star sound is a very unique mix of pop, electronic and dance music that is full of passion, emotion and meaningful lyrics.

Marina Star has been working with different producers throughout last few years and experimenting with her music style. Among them were Arty Skye – multi-platinum record producer at Skyelab Music Group, with whom Marina recorded her very first series of singles; Dan Mathews & Sam Michaels – Grammy award winning producers and DJ’s, known as Klubjumpers, who created an upbeat and “clubby” remixes of Marina’s songs.

In 2012, Marina Star began working with Roman Molino, producer at the Mirrortone Studios, on her debut album “Beautiful Soul”. This album perfectly reflects Marina’s current sound and artistic vision. Marina Star includes every aspect of her personal qualities, such is spirituality, compassion and romanticism in her music and blends it together to create an intense emotional experience that continues from song to song. Marina likes being in charge of her music career and plays a role in almost every single part of the process. This includes everything from writing the lyrics, composing music, co-arrangement of each track and even editing some videos.

In 2013, Marina Star released few songs from her upcoming album and performed at XL nightclub in NY with her great team of dancers and choreography done by Neil Schwartz, one of the awesome Broadway Dance Center teachers. In February 2014, Marina appeared on BronxNet television as a guest artist and performed with her new singles.

Marina Star performed at some of New York city hottest clubs with her amazing dance team. Marina has been working with a very talented and well known choreographers and dancers from all over the world throughout past few years. Among them – Dolores Parisi, Justin Conte, Brian Henninger, Miu Ide, Marie Takano, Yasu Kawate, Stephanie Scull and many others. And now, Marina Star is working on her album release show, which would be the biggest performance set she has done so far.
Marina Star stands out for many reasons, but maybe the greatest one is her big heart, as Marina truly cares about others and it shows in the way she interacts with all of her fans. With stunning beauty like this, many would think not to approach this talented rising star, but Marina values all of her fans, since they are the ones she is writing music and performing for, after all.

You can find Marina Star on ITunes and just about every major social media site. Marina’s debut album and official website will be out this spring 2014. Stay tuned!


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