Meet Amazing Singer/Songwriter”Christopher Giles” The voice says it all.

Welcome to Christopher Giles Indie Star Blog spot… I so appreciate everyone stopping by… I am an up & coming original artist, looking to create music from the heart to echo the reflections of love. With years of performing experience under his belt, his desire to create, encourage and inspire those around him through his gift of music. I am also the current singer for One Wild Nite, and we are a High Energy, FUN, Dance/Rock Cover band… We play all over Central Florida!

I am a song writer/performer, even do some acoustic gigs on the side. I learned the guitar to lead worship and accompany vocals, as well to be able to write songs…

Music is a core peice of life.. and spiritual connection, thus allowing emotions to run free… I am blessed, fortunate, and thankful to be able to perform


  • Greg Grant (Artist) Greg Grant
    Great sound!
  • John Colella (Artist) John Colella
    Everything..vocals,music,lyrics & production..Fantastic job..Enjoyable listening pleasure all..
  • Clarke McAllister (Artist) Clarke McAllister
    Simply AWESOME!!!!!
  • Eva Rivera-Ferrell (Artist) Eva Rivera-Ferrell
    Hello! I stopped by to play your music and became a fan. If you get a chance, check out my page! Much luv & support! 
  • Blackwater Lake (Artist) Blackwater Lake
    Incredible stuff my friend!!!! Keep bringin em!! I’ll buy!!-David Allen,Blackwater Lake
  • Gary Shaine (Artist) Gary Shaine
    Good stuff Chris!

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