“Havaiia” What An Amazing Family And Band. A Treat For All Music.


Shalom and Aloha! The Havaiia Family Band is a musical family of nine from Israel, currently loving life on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai… We are working on our first original family album ‘Live to Love’, a TV show and a movie based on our True Life Musical Love Story. We aim to create music and film that inspires a healthier, groovier, more peaceful World…

About six years ago we decided to embark on a family adventure. We packed up our clothes and tooth brushes and flew halfway around the globe to a whole new life on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Our risky and spontaneous decision to relocate to one of the world’s most beautiful and serene, but also most expensive places with only one month’s rent proved challenging, but we figured worst case scenario, we wind up homeless in Paradise 😉

Miracles followed… Kauai accepted us with the utmost spirit of aloha. We made new friends, learned new customs, changed our diets to organic and took off most of our clothes…

We have been enjoying gigging around the island and have been blessed with wonderful fans who have supported us along the way. We purchased recording gear and a few cameras and got to work on a family album/DVD/Rockumentary full of original material and we’re about half way through. Some of the songs will feature all nine of us, while others will be collaborations of siblings, a duet between mom and dad, mother/son, father/daughter, a few solo songs, etc…

We have aspirations of reaching a world audience for our music and film and we believe that this album/DVD/Rockumentary will help us break through! Join us. This is gonna bea lot of fun!

watch The Official “Live To Love  video”

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