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Top Reverbnation Rank for $75 Guaranteed.

I will manage your Reverbnation for 1 month and get you placed in the top 10 Global Reverbnation charts in your genre. I will also get you hundreds of real fans each week and hundreds of song and video plays and widget hits each day,by doing real work on your site. No Fake Fans here. I have many artists that have been ranked #1 in the world because of my Social media Management skills. Many say I am the best there is, and I do it with real fans and real work. Here is My page
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I will Promote and Manage your Twitter for one month. This is an amazing twitter promotion for $75

If you are serious about your music Career or your business then you better be working your twitter. Twitter is one of the most important and most powerful marketing tools on the internet today for anybody or any business. I have over 53 thousand Real tweeters behind me now. Let me help manage your page and get you on the right track for Twitter success. You can expect between 700 to 1200 new followers with one month of promotion. Here is my twitter page.
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I will Promote and Manage your Facebook one month for $75

With over 1 billion people on facebook, this is not just a social media site, but a way of life, all of your fans have a face book page. I will help you build a strong face book fan page and personal music or business page by getting you thousands of new real likes to your page each month.You will love all the new people coming to your page to check you out. Here is my verified page.
imagesplease email me at for further info.

Author: BobbyMcintyre

Blog by "Bobby McIntyre" Pro Singer/Songwriter Promoter/Label/Producer and a Social Media Marketing pro. To book or to start a marketing plan please email me at

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