R&B Singer “J-Harris” Bringing Back “Music For Ya Soul”


J-Harris – Music For Ya Soul (Official Video) https://t.co/C0CoUkkjYt #musicforyasoul #singer #songwriter #jharrismusic — J-Harris (@JHarrisMusic1) April 25, 2016 J-Harris started young and started

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Check out “Zeke Duhon” Great indie artist.


If you are a fan of bands such as Never Shout Never and A Rocket To The Moon, solo artist Zeke Duhon is sure to become your new favorite performer. Just a single listen to his songs and the well thought out lyrical content, and one can only be amazed at the very fact that Zeke Duhon is only 16-years-old. His debut recording Eric’s Marine is a short collection of five songs that will tug at the heartstrings while providing a good deal of hope and enlightenment. For his young age, this kid writes with a good deal of depth and perception.

First up is the straight up rockin’ tones of the cleverly titled Jobsareforpeoplewhocantfish, whose wistful ideas of escape are wondrous to behold. Paper Cut is filled with the bitter melancholy of examining a flawed relationship, and the heartbreak of final realization that many will be able to relate with. YourHitSong provides the perfect follow-up – a song of empowerment for the broken hearted. Eric’s Marine, the title cut, is a powerful tune about those three magical words many butts a lifetime to express, sung with sincere passion and conviction.
The Writer And The Poet concludes the EP, once again showing the depth and wonder of Zeke Duhon’s impressive compositions. These songs are tremendously moving and effective, and should gain their creator a good deal of attention beyond the confines of his Myspace page.

Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zeke Duhon writes songs that transcends the current trends and should definitely have a shelf life long after bands like Never Shout Never run their course. Eric’s Marine is all about difficult choices and the complexity of personal relationships – subjects that are understood oh, so well by this 16-year-old troubadour. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Zeke Duhon – as it’s pretty obvious he has varied influences that go well beyond the current musical trends.

McBeth Geronimo (Original) Check out this fine duo you will be glad you did.

Fun high energy video you must see.


Check out Venil’s new video and song at Social Media job pros. “I Love this Singer”

Venil is a talented singer-songwriter and vocalist. She has written hooks and verses/ collaborations with several artists worldwide. Her appeal has an international sound with songs such as Just Last Night, Love is in the Air, and Lost in Life. Venil is a lover of music and she’s not afraid to cross the line of genres. Some of her influences include music such as pop, jazz, rock, neo-soul, blues, gospel, rap, country, and more. Writing at a very early age, even forming a group with childhood family and friends, performing on her front porch (haha how cute). She cites the incredible and amazingly talented Ms. Ella Fitzgerald as one of the top reasons she decided to share her own talents with the world.


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Paul Montgomery Is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer That writes Great Music With An Even Greater Message, Come Take a listen.


Paul’s story begins in the North Country of New York State. A small community one hour north of Syracuse called Watertown. The Montgomery home had a continuous stream of music being played. It flourished much like the wildflowers that you could find in the forest that was a stone’s throw from Paul’s childhood home. Each and every family member was a contributor to the rich inheritance that was to shape Paul’s love for music. It started with his parents fostering an environment that allowed their children to develop a love for music at an early age. Whether it was his mothers love for that hip swiveling, upper lip curling kid from Memphis as he sang about being a Hound-dog, or the fact that Paul’s father always made sure he left his acoustic guitar in plain sight where his children could bang out a sour note or two – the Montgomery brood were blessed to be raised in a home that was filled with music. The sibling influence was a major contributor to Paul’s musical upbringing as he would sneak into his sister’s rooms to check out the latest 45’s being played. One of the platters being spun on the mono record player was a hit song (at least it was a hit to the Montgomery’s) recorded by an uncle, Frank Filardo (Bobby Francis). This allowed a connection to be made at an early age for Paul – that music wasn’t something that a person could simply enjoy listening to, but music could actually be something that one becomes an active participant in. This realization manifested itself in a very profound and real way when Paul’s older brother parted with his Mayfair electric guitar just so his kid brother would have an electric guitar to play. Add to that mix a younger brother that was and still is FAN #1 and you can see how Paul was catapulted into a life long love for music and the passion to be a part of the creative process in making it.



The story of Paul’s musical journey contains a lot of familiar themes – starting and ending various bands (with one of the earlier outfits even allowing for a paycheck at the ripe old age of 13), experiencing the highs and lows of teen romance, and of course, how rebellion can get in the way of healthy relationships with mom and dad. Through all the broken strings, broken relationships and high school drama, Paul was diligent to work on his craft and grow as a person and musician. The fall of 1981 found Paul attending the Berkley College of Music. After some earned credits and a ton of life experience, he entered the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Las Vegas, and it was here that he truly became inspired anewby the “band” concept. The importance of working within a community setting to achieve a purpose that is more important than self. This was also a season that allowed Paul to discover the person of Christ.
Having located to Los Angeles, Paul attained a certain measure of success in the music business. Though the outward appearance of success manifested itself in playing well-known L.A. clubs and opening for nationally known acts, internally Paul was bankrupt. Mentally drained, physically tired and spiritually dried, Paul knew in his heart that it was time for the great exchange. He knew that God was being patient with him, that it was time to exchange his personal agenda for a higher calling. It was at this crossroads that Paul’s faith became active He began to understand that the un-examined life is not worth living. Doors were opened for Paul to use his gifts in a community setting. Paul began to play guitar on the worship team as well as being inspired to write music that reflected the love that God has for His children. Paul also received the honor of being a leader of worship at his community church.



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“Tridon”Some Serious Rock Music From Phoenix, AZ You Need To Hear.

TRIDON is a professional high energy hard rock band. They pride themselves on delivering their fans a fun and interactive atmosphere topped with hard-hitting choruses and powerful vocal messages. The bands performances have always been something to buzz about long after the show is over. Time and time again, TRIDON has managed to turn even the toughest skeptics into the biggest fans and their track record shows no signs of stopping. Having a professional and defiant attitude, They are determined to work hard and take control of their musical fate. TRIDON has already shared the stage with such artists as Flyleaf, Tesla, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, The Chimpz, Royal Bliss and many others.

Check Out “Time Will Tell” A High Energy Rock/Punk Band From New Jersey



Fall Back Audio

It Could Be Worse Audio

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like universe seems out to get you? Time Will Tell’s new video for “It Could Be Worse” is a light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of even the most mundane tasks like getting to work on time and how even when you think it’s all working against you, maybe it’s really not so bad!

The band has always seen the big picture of things since their inception in 2011. Their Facebook page lists some of their influences as “life, time, experience, perspective, pain, mistakes, lessons learned” and more. Instead of just blindly copying what others are doing they take what life throws at them and they let that be their inspiration, with the result being infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a highly energetic live show that has landed the band spots on coveted festival slots like Warped Tour, CMJ, CBGB Musikfest and Bamboozle. They’ve also kept in mind the benevolent side of life, having participated in charity tours with The Traveling Guitar Foundation/ESP Guitars to help raise money for music programs in underprivileged schools. What’s more is that they pulled in loads of positive press for their debut EP Reflection, which they recorded with producer Rob Freeman (Hidden in Plain View, Hit the Lights, Gym Class Heroes).

It was only natural that they would once again team up with Freeman for their newest recordings. The first song from that batch is the new single “It Could Be Worse,” which features Hit the Lights vocalist Nick Thompson. The song has more hooks than Muhammed Ali, and each element shows that this band knows how to craft a finely tuned pop-rock gem. With dual frontmen Christopher Minor and Christopher Rivers leading the charge, the song swings wide from pulsating verses, soaring choruses, and a bridge that connects it all together with a multi-tiered approach.

For the “It Could Be Worse” video, Minor takes the lead role of the protagonist who just can’t seem to catch a break. It all starts with a frantic dash to get to the office on time, but one step out the door and things go from bad to weird! A passing car soaks him and a quick detour home reveals his loving girlfriend having a fetish-filled (SFW!) pillow fight complete with costumes, whips, and band mates. So his girlfriend has a kinky side? It could be worse! How about confronting a wild gang of thugs along the way? Sounds like trouble, but in reality they’re only kids. It could be worse! Maybe a ninja attack in the parking lot? No broken bones, it could be worse! Or how about getting to the office and the doors are locked? At least the guardian bum/angel who has been there all along is there to remind him with a drink and sign that, say it with us now….. It could be worse!


  • The Fores (Artist) The Fores
    Back for another listen “It Could Be Worse Time Will Tell” Awesome track guys!! Have a great weekend! T F
  • MikeWhitePresents (Artist) MikeWhitePresents
    We’re back in again to support you because it’s all about the music, and the enjoyment hearing your talents brings to us. As The Golden Girls would say..”thank you for being…
  • The Rose Of Sharon -   GOSPEL  (ASCAP)  (AMG) (Artist) The Rose Of Sharon -…
    Great songs. I really enjoyed IT COULD BE WORSE TIME WILL TELL.
  • The Fores (Artist) The Fores
    Great band! Great tunes!..Nuff said!! All the best guys!! T F
  • Sam Capolongo (Artist) Sam Capolongo
    Awesome. Great tunes. Rock on. Sam.
    listening to these songs are well produced, the successes for you.
  • Time Will Tell

    Time Will Tell  Hey Guys please find us at these sites below also, thank you so much for your support.

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Meet this Amazing Voice “Wayne William” This guy belongs on “The Voice”

1391907031_DSC_0089 Don’t Fade Away Audio

The Parade Audio

This multi-talented artist began performing professionally at the age of thirteen and fell in love with writing. Over the years he has become incredibly dedicated to creating and producing his own compositions to perfection. After performing with the Mics and returning home from a UK tour with the former band Castaway, he launched his solo career as an artist. He has taken part in local and international festivals and has performed in concerts across the UK and Malta.

Recently, Wayne and his brother, Richard Edwards, created Battle of the Brothers, benefit concerts for Malta’s Puttinu Cares. The charity helps children with cancer get the treatment they need. His new album, The Parade was developed over the course of two years. Wayne not only wrote, recorded and produced the album, but he also launched his recording studio WM Studios in the process.

Brandon Mueller, owner of Shoot, Edit, Deliver, produced and directed “Don’t Fade Away.” The video clip is a mesmerizing display of Wayne William’s singing and performing techniques, and delivers a plethora of enchanting lyrics such as “Bullets start flying so we try to see it clearer / As the saints go marching in.” The song is rich with symbols and metaphors that are bound to life, love, and thoughts on religion. William is a definite talent and transcends contemporary music with “Don’t Fade Away.”

  • Eliza M (Artist) Eliza M
    Oh Wayne, what a beautiful voice!
  • Redblossom (Artist) Redblossom
    Very beautiful vocals; loved “Tonight!”
  • John Colella (Artist) John Colella
    Some fantastic vocals Wayne, enjoyable music site, well worth the visit.
  • Massimo Ghianda (Artist) Massimo Ghianda
    Good music on your profile!
  • Brent Zen (Artist) Brent Zen
    Hey Wayne, Great songs excellent vocals its all good.
  • Ayana Aquila (Artist) Ayana Aquila
    OMG, totally loving you music! You’re so going to give Chris Martin a run for his money! Keep on rocking brother, because you’re an amazing talent!
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Do it for the artists.

“Di Lee” A Beautiful Talented Amazing Singer who is very worthy of a listen.



Di Lee is a media artist in Los Angeles, California. Her strong sense of culture and heritage comes from being a half Chinese, and half Italian, American. She hopes that her music and poetry bring together and transcend all cultural & national borders in the celebration of this beautiful thing called life, that we all share together around the world. Di Lee is from a close knit family and says she has an eastern way of thinking. Taking lines from her original poetry she then began writing and producing music and is now combining fashion, photo-art, music and acting into a cohesive and creative package. To Di Lee, being a positive role model is a responsibility she takes seriously. Part of that responsibility is admitting you are human and touching people’s lives. Di Lee stands for goodness, equality, love, and describes herself as a soft warrior. Being a soft warrior to her means she can show compassion and love, but also is able to stand up and fight for what she believes in.


  • Pard Elektronica (Artist) Pard Elektronica
    “Arround the sun,” really enjoy it, wonderfull and relaxing.
  • MikeWhitePresents (Artist) MikeWhitePresents
    me and the troops are stopping by to enjoy your Battle Ballad Di…still one of the finest vocalists i’ve found on RN!!
  • Joe - NYC Guitarist (Artist) Joe – NYC Guitarist
    Played the new Shake it Video today. A great way to start the day…Happiness and joy from the BK.
  • kloudworks (Artist) kloudworks
    Enjoying your fantastic music this morning, Di. Wishing you a great weekend ~ kappi
  • Yolanda Foxx (Artist) Yolanda Foxx
    Supporting you & your Beautiful Songs! Have a wonderful day!! Peace & Love ❤
  • Ecologyngle (Artist) Ecologyngle
    New mix “Around the Sun” is out of this world Di Lee! You are the only one under the sun whose light will always shine! lots love * Patricia

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“Havaiia” What An Amazing Family And Band. A Treat For All Music.


Shalom and Aloha! The Havaiia Family Band is a musical family of nine from Israel, currently loving life on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai… We are working on our first original family album ‘Live to Love’, a TV show and a movie based on our True Life Musical Love Story. We aim to create music and film that inspires a healthier, groovier, more peaceful World…

About six years ago we decided to embark on a family adventure. We packed up our clothes and tooth brushes and flew halfway around the globe to a whole new life on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Our risky and spontaneous decision to relocate to one of the world’s most beautiful and serene, but also most expensive places with only one month’s rent proved challenging, but we figured worst case scenario, we wind up homeless in Paradise 😉

Miracles followed… Kauai accepted us with the utmost spirit of aloha. We made new friends, learned new customs, changed our diets to organic and took off most of our clothes…

We have been enjoying gigging around the island and have been blessed with wonderful fans who have supported us along the way. We purchased recording gear and a few cameras and got to work on a family album/DVD/Rockumentary full of original material and we’re about half way through. Some of the songs will feature all nine of us, while others will be collaborations of siblings, a duet between mom and dad, mother/son, father/daughter, a few solo songs, etc…

We have aspirations of reaching a world audience for our music and film and we believe that this album/DVD/Rockumentary will help us break through! Join us. This is gonna bea lot of fun!

watch The Official “Live To Love  video”

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