Meet Amazing Singer/Songwriter”Christopher Giles” The voice says it all.

Welcome to Christopher Giles Indie Star Blog spot… I so appreciate everyone stopping by… I am an up & coming original artist, looking to create music from the heart to echo the reflections of love. With years of performing experience under his belt, his desire to create, encourage and inspire those around him through his gift of music. I am also the current singer for One Wild Nite, and we are a High Energy, FUN, Dance/Rock Cover band… We play all over Central Florida!

I am a song writer/performer, even do some acoustic gigs on the side. I learned the guitar to lead worship and accompany vocals, as well to be able to write songs…

Music is a core peice of life.. and spiritual connection, thus allowing emotions to run free… I am blessed, fortunate, and thankful to be able to perform


  • Greg Grant (Artist) Greg Grant
    Great sound!
  • John Colella (Artist) John Colella
    Everything..vocals,music,lyrics & production..Fantastic job..Enjoyable listening pleasure all..
  • Clarke McAllister (Artist) Clarke McAllister
    Simply AWESOME!!!!!
  • Eva Rivera-Ferrell (Artist) Eva Rivera-Ferrell
    Hello! I stopped by to play your music and became a fan. If you get a chance, check out my page! Much luv & support! 
  • Blackwater Lake (Artist) Blackwater Lake
    Incredible stuff my friend!!!! Keep bringin em!! I’ll buy!!-David Allen,Blackwater Lake
  • Gary Shaine (Artist) Gary Shaine
    Good stuff Chris!

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Beautiful & Talented “Marina Star” A Dance,Pop, Electronica Triple Threat from “New York City”



Marina Star has a lot more to offer than just a pretty face. With years of extensive training in pop vocals, acting and modern dance combined with being a bilingual songwriter, Marina is more than a triple threat in the entertainment industry. There is no denying the world is starting to acknowledge Marina Star. Marina has been at the top of the Reverbnation global dance/pop charts for over 6 months now and ranked as high as #4 in all genres of music worldwide out of 3.2 million bands and artists. Marina Star sound is a very unique mix of pop, electronic and dance music that is full of passion, emotion and meaningful lyrics.

Marina Star has been working with different producers throughout last few years and experimenting with her music style. Among them were Arty Skye – multi-platinum record producer at Skyelab Music Group, with whom Marina recorded her very first series of singles; Dan Mathews & Sam Michaels – Grammy award winning producers and DJ’s, known as Klubjumpers, who created an upbeat and “clubby” remixes of Marina’s songs.

In 2012, Marina Star began working with Roman Molino, producer at the Mirrortone Studios, on her debut album “Beautiful Soul”. This album perfectly reflects Marina’s current sound and artistic vision. Marina Star includes every aspect of her personal qualities, such is spirituality, compassion and romanticism in her music and blends it together to create an intense emotional experience that continues from song to song. Marina likes being in charge of her music career and plays a role in almost every single part of the process. This includes everything from writing the lyrics, composing music, co-arrangement of each track and even editing some videos.

In 2013, Marina Star released few songs from her upcoming album and performed at XL nightclub in NY with her great team of dancers and choreography done by Neil Schwartz, one of the awesome Broadway Dance Center teachers. In February 2014, Marina appeared on BronxNet television as a guest artist and performed with her new singles.

Marina Star performed at some of New York city hottest clubs with her amazing dance team. Marina has been working with a very talented and well known choreographers and dancers from all over the world throughout past few years. Among them – Dolores Parisi, Justin Conte, Brian Henninger, Miu Ide, Marie Takano, Yasu Kawate, Stephanie Scull and many others. And now, Marina Star is working on her album release show, which would be the biggest performance set she has done so far.
Marina Star stands out for many reasons, but maybe the greatest one is her big heart, as Marina truly cares about others and it shows in the way she interacts with all of her fans. With stunning beauty like this, many would think not to approach this talented rising star, but Marina values all of her fans, since they are the ones she is writing music and performing for, after all.

You can find Marina Star on ITunes and just about every major social media site. Marina’s debut album and official website will be out this spring 2014. Stay tuned!


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Check out Amazing Pop/Singer/Songwriter Danielle Marie

1393003737_Danielle_Marie_Web-17Spinning Audio

Image  ISC 2013 Semi Finalist, young singer/songwriter Danielle Marie from Alberta, Canada has always had a passion for music. At the early age of just 10 months old Danielle could be heard singing her ABC’s loud and proud. She participated in early music programs and continued with music/band in school until 2011 when she decided to pursue her music seriously on her own. Heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran and Adele, Danielle released her first EP July 16, 2013 into the Folk/Alt Folk Genre. While it gained popularity quickly and even became #1 locally on ReverbNation, she felt there was more. A month later she headed to Nashville with 5 more songs in hand to record a full album and music video under the Pop/Alt Rock genre. After many crowd reviews it has been suggested that her music could easily cross into the Alt Country genre. The album, More Than Just a Girl, is now available on iTunes  With just 4 months on ReverbNation, thousands of plays, almost 15,000 fans and over 4000 Twitter followers alone she is currently #1 locally, #1 Nationally and as high as #2 Globally in the very large genre of pop music on the ReverbNation charts, Danielle is starting to gain a lot of international attention and was just featured on the front page of reverbnation for 3.4 million people to see. Making a music video gave Danielle a chance to indulge her other love of acting. Her ‘Mad Kicks’ video has created quite a stir. A natural performer and happiest in front of an audience, Danielle also currently holds the National 10 Dance Silver Champion title in Ballroom dance. It is obvious Music feeds her soul.

Some comments from fans.

  • Steve Inglis (Artist) Steve Inglis
    Astonishingly talented. Great songs with a nice twist on styles. WITHOUT YOU is a fantastic song. Can I have your autograph before you become mega famous 😉
  • Pard Elektronica (Artist) Pard Elektronica
    Hi, really enjoyed “Without you,” great track!
  • Chinook (Artist) Chinook
    Danielle Marie is the new Taylor Swift. Sounds great, keep sharing your gift!
  • The Midnight Waltz (Artist) The Midnight Waltz
    big fan..fantastic vocals..lovin it..nice one for linking up…all the best from over here in Liverpool UK
  • Junior Rhobot (Artist) Junior Rhobot
    Very cool tracks, the best luck ever from Rio.
  • Mike McWilliams, drummer (Artist) Mike McWilliams, d…
    I love your music and your voice, Danielle.
  • Some other sites to find Danielle.

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Bobby Mcintyre Indie Star Radio

Bobby Mcintyre Indie Star Radio

I love helping great artists and bands out, that is why I am now streaming music on my website  to support indie artists and bands from all over the world.
I will share who ever is playing on my site with thousands of fans and hopefully get your great music out there more. Every genre is accepted, However I will not play music that is racist or has to many fowl words that may be offensive to others.

I am hoping to see you all at my website to listen to Indie Star Radio. I also encourage you all to send me mp3s with your name of song and name of artist.

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cd baby 2Bobby McIntyre

It has been a dream of mine for many years to only have Music As my primary career and between My music sales performing and Managing other Amazing Talents That dream has finally come true.

Music Is not an easy road but if it is something that you heart desires I urge you to go for it with everything you got.

I'll Be Your Hero Audio 

 For the first time, with the power of social media and the world-wide web we have a real chance to build a successful following in music with out a major label. Is it easy? absolutely not, but it is possible, and that is exciting!!

The One Audio 

A very cool video telling a bit about who Bobby McIntyre is and his mission to help others in this world with his music. You can see very quickly that Bobby McIntyre is a stand out artist in this sea of so many new indie artists. Indie Star Music is a prime  example of how much Bobby Cares for other Great talents out there. The mission with Indie Star Music is all about helping others get there music out to the world along with Bobby’s Music as well. 

Reverbnation,Twitter,Youtube, full “Social Media Management”. “Bobby McIntyre” is a social media pro for sure.

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I am here to help you with your music career,by managing your social media for you or your band, as they go hand in hand now in today’s music world. It is not easy to keep up with these sites.  Being a pro artist myself, I understand what it takes and I understand that we need Real fans to succeed in music business and the only way to do this is do real steady work everyday on your social media sites. This is easier said then done trust me. It take time and desire and not all of us have the time or really want to spend all day on Twitter or Reverbnation. I am sure some of you just want to perform and create fantastic music and there is nothing wrong with that. Social media is not for everyone. This really was not in my plans. I was really just wanting to promote myself and my career but God works in amazing ways and he has given me a passion and a desire to learn every thing I can about Social Media and the music business and to help other people succeed along with myself in this new exciting world of social media and music. I still have lots to learn myself but I am working on becoming a true pro. The bottom line is it takes a lot of time, and even if you have the time, understanding how all of this works and being effective at marketing your music via social media is very hard to do.Maybe your are already very good with social media but just do not have the time to work every site anymore. This is where I come in. I manage Twitter, Reverbnation, and you tube for Artists and bands and can help promote all of your social media sites. I am becoming one of the best in the world at what I do, and no!!! I do not add fake fans to your sites. I do Real work that gets real results. I have networks all over the world that help me and these networks are getting larger every day. I do this work at a realistic steady pace that does not abuse the system like some services.I of course am always studying and learning about every social media site that matters and will pass on anything I learn to you and help teach you how to do this yourself. All you have to do is ask me and I will do my best to help you out. Reverbnation rewards artists that stay busy and do real work. I work your page every day some days more than others. If you are wondering how good I am at this, just know that I have gotten some artists all the way to the #1 All genres global spot out of 3 million+ bands and artists. I did not need 100 thousand fake Facebook likes or 100 k fake Twitter fans to do it. Real Work does pay off, and I am here to tell you that real talent also pays off and is a big factor in Reverbnation rank. We just need to get you very talented artists high enough in the charts for all the people to see you.I know there are a lot of people buying fans and likes to get to the top of the charts, I am telling you that you do not have to this.I know how to do this with 100% real fans that may even buy your music wow! what a concept. Have you ever tried tweeting to 15 thousand fake fans? well I have not, but it has to be a pretty lonely feeling to get no interactions and have these impressive numbers. I am telling you the people who matter in this business can smell fake fans a mile away. I can get you in that top 20 global picture on Reverbnation and sometimes better If your profile page looks great and you have Great music. I can get you 400 to 1000 real targeted twitter followers in one month.I can bring you hundreds maybe thousands of Real you tube views with people who subscribe comment and like your video. I know I can help change your social media world if you give me a chance. If you are interested in me managing your Reverbnation,You tube or Twitter , please click on one of the links below the Profile pic or on the social media job pros pic on the right side of the profile page. Or you can check out my amazing Services at my site you can also hear my Indie Star Radio channel at Feel free to send me a message on this page as well if you have any questions. If you would like to keep this very private then email me at Thank you so much.