The US Air Force Test fires an unarmed long range missle – USA News – Usa News

The US Air Force test fires an unarmed long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 26, 2017 Story highlights The missile traveled roughly 4,200 miles after launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The test launched a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from a Navy E-6 Mercury jet. Washington (CNN)The US Air Force test-fired an unarmed long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, Wednesday, according to the Air Force Global Strike Command. Deployed from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, theRead More

Fire Safety Tips – 18 things to know

Fire Safety in the Home
Fires unfortunately occur in homes all the time. It’s important that we know what to do if a fire breaks out in our home, but it’s also essential to know how to prevent a fire from happening in the first place. Listed below are some tips to follow to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home.

Fire Safety Tips

* Talk to your family about an escape plan if a fire were to ever break out in your home. Know where you’d escape from and where you’d meet everyone once you’re out.

* Ensure that all of your smoke alarms work. In over 60% of house fire deaths, the families did not have working smoke alarms. please read on at rock star seo >