Pop Artist Shelita Burke Uses Data Science, Blockchain To Her Advantage –

While some artists view their careers with a sort of “If you build it, they will come” mentality, pop singer-songwriter Shelita Burke definitely doesn’t. As a data scientist and cryptologist, she has a very deliberate, almost scientific approach to reaching fans. And she likens releasing and promoting her music to running a small business.

When she was younger, Burke said she saw the opportunity that the Internet could eventually provide to independent artists. “At an early age I knew, I need to learn how this world works and how to build things,” she says. She started programming when she was eight, and after graduating from the Northwest College of Art & Design, she went on to become a senior data engineer at Microsoft while playing shows at night. She left a couple years ago to pursue music full time.

Now, despite not having the support of a major label, that self sufficiency has managed to help Seattle-born, LA-based artist appear on the Pandora Predictions Chart, which measu

If you could read my mind – Don williams – Country Music Weekly – country music news

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26kqgyMjyKM&w=1000&h=600%5D

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Check out “Zeke Duhon” Great indie artist.


If you are a fan of bands such as Never Shout Never and A Rocket To The Moon, solo artist Zeke Duhon is sure to become your new favorite performer. Just a single listen to his songs and the well thought out lyrical content, and one can only be amazed at the very fact that Zeke Duhon is only 16-years-old. His debut recording Eric’s Marine is a short collection of five songs that will tug at the heartstrings while providing a good deal of hope and enlightenment. For his young age, this kid writes with a good deal of depth and perception.

First up is the straight up rockin’ tones of the cleverly titled Jobsareforpeoplewhocantfish, whose wistful ideas of escape are wondrous to behold. Paper Cut is filled with the bitter melancholy of examining a flawed relationship, and the heartbreak of final realization that many will be able to relate with. YourHitSong provides the perfect follow-up – a song of empowerment for the broken hearted. Eric’s Marine, the title cut, is a powerful tune about those three magical words many butts a lifetime to express, sung with sincere passion and conviction.
The Writer And The Poet concludes the EP, once again showing the depth and wonder of Zeke Duhon’s impressive compositions. These songs are tremendously moving and effective, and should gain their creator a good deal of attention beyond the confines of his Myspace page.

Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zeke Duhon writes songs that transcends the current trends and should definitely have a shelf life long after bands like Never Shout Never run their course. Eric’s Marine is all about difficult choices and the complexity of personal relationships – subjects that are understood oh, so well by this 16-year-old troubadour. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Zeke Duhon – as it’s pretty obvious he has varied influences that go well beyond the current musical trends.

McBeth Geronimo (Original) Check out this fine duo you will be glad you did.

Fun high energy video you must see.


“New Beginnings” Short acoustic Clip of what is going to be a great song I am working on right now with great Artist/Producer “Paul Montgomery”

Upbeat high energy song with a great message.

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“Bobby McIntyre” New Video “Don’t Be Afraid.

Bobby McIntyre The voice. Enough said! But I will continue. Great songs, amazing talent and not only helps other artists with his social media skills, but also has worked himself to a successful frenzy that is spreading his talent across the globe. His music and voice are infectious and is heard all over the world. Check him out for yourself at: REVERBNATION, FACEBOOK, ITUNES and his OFFICIAL ARTIST SITE. All the best to you Bobby!

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Check out Venil’s new video and song at Social Media job pros. “I Love this Singer”

Venil is a talented singer-songwriter and vocalist. She has written hooks and verses/ collaborations with several artists worldwide. Her appeal has an international sound with songs such as Just Last Night, Love is in the Air, and Lost in Life. Venil is a lover of music and she’s not afraid to cross the line of genres. Some of her influences include music such as pop, jazz, rock, neo-soul, blues, gospel, rap, country, and more. Writing at a very early age, even forming a group with childhood family and friends, performing on her front porch (haha how cute). She cites the incredible and amazingly talented Ms. Ella Fitzgerald as one of the top reasons she decided to share her own talents with the world.


official website


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Check Out The Very Cool Band “Village Echoes”

The most inspiring and unique bands are not the ones where musicians with identical musical tastes come together and just try to copy their shared inspirations. Rather, the best product comes from artists with a wide range of diversity in their influences, and each one bringing their own contribution to the musical equation. Sydney, Australia’s Village Echoes is the latter and this intricate rock trio has managed to create in their short time together a sound that will appeal to fans of everything from Bloc Party to Jimmy Eat World to Minus The Bear.

Village Echoes was born in Autumn of 2013 and quickly produced their debut EP Evolve, with optimizes their drive for diversity and desire not to become one dimensional. The AU Review notes that the band works with “weaving soundscapes mixed with a healthy dose of indie rock” and they noted that this young band has “a very mature sound.” Listening to Evolve and the sheer size of their sound, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that this band only consists of three members, Alex Almasi on vocals and guitar, Steve Parfitt on bass, and James Pounsett on drums.

Their standout track is “The Bike,” which is a thinly veiled kiss off about trading up for a new “bike” but then quickly realizing that this new toy isn’t as glamorous as they thought and that the pretty basket and seat are really just built for show, and not the durable kind you’d like to call your own. For the video for “The Bike” the band stays true to their simple approach and features themselves performing in front of a stark white background. Each member gets ample face time and is the perfect introduction to the band. The narrative follows a young lady who is out and about on her brand new bike, and while she is enjoying the ride on her new bike, she’s ultimately searching for something else. Will she find what she’s looking for or will her chase be futile? Check out the video to find out!



Junior Rhobot

Junior Rhobot  (1 day ago)

Very nice work, best luck ever guys.

Quan Chi

Quan Chi  (3 days ago)

Cool style & vibes; “Bike” rides nice. Keep on doing y’all out there

Hana Kahn

Hana Kahn  (3 days ago)

Thank you for becoming a fan! Feel free to send me social media links, I’m always happy to follow a fellow musician’s journey. (:
Hana, https://www.facebook.com/hanakahnofficial, https://twitter.com/hanakahnmusic

Massimo Ghianda

Massimo Ghianda  (8 days ago)

Great music on your page!

Chuck Brunicardi

Chuck Brunicardi  (9 days ago)

“In Memory” moving with fantastic chorus. Great vocals and tight band. Harmonies compelling. All the best.

Russ Pouliot

Russ Pouliot  (10 days ago)

way good stuff guys. hope to meet you some day


Blackkiss  (12 days ago)

You guys are killer, man…badass tunes and the groove is moving…


buchanproductions  (14 days ago)

As long as you guys come to the UK , there will be no trouble from me at all 😉

God bless

Extreme Dream Extreme Dream  (14 days ago)
thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. good sound here, with good vocals and instrumentation. i pushed PLAY ALL today. a couple of my picks: In Memory and Horizons.

The Boulton Brothers Band

The Boulton Brothers Band  (14 days ago)

Hey, Good vibes here!!…………………..

Please drop by and have a listen to our playlist if you have time ,TBBB


AJ CHRISTIAN BAND  (15 days ago)

great work


THE WORKERS  (15 days ago)

Enjoying “The Bike”. Very tight pop-punk substrate. Nicely played!!


BETA RAY  (15 days ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan. “Another Thought” smacks me good!

The Ohm Group

The Ohm Group  (15 days ago)

Great music!
The Ohm


hiway420.com  (15 days ago)

Loving the sound coming from down under! We are listening to “The Bike” here in Detroit…nice tracks..very nice vocals!


KAI  (16 days ago)

….great music with grand sound !!


J.O.A.  (16 days ago)

“Another Thought”…Great Song!!
Excellent Vocals!!

The Fabulous Del Counts

The Fabulous Del Counts  (16 days ago)

” Another Thought ” fantastic track.

Steve Zuwala

Steve Zuwala  (18 days ago)

Loved the music

You can also check “Village Echoes” out at these sites below

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