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“Tridon”Some Serious Rock Music From Phoenix, AZ You Need To Hear.

TRIDON is a professional high energy hard rock band. They pride themselves on delivering their fans a fun and interactive atmosphere topped with hard-hitting choruses and powerful vocal messages. The bands performances have always been something to buzz about long after the show is over. Time and time again, TRIDON has managed to turn even the toughest skeptics into the biggest fans and their track record shows no signs of stopping. Having a professional and defiant attitude, They are determined to work hard and take control of their musical fate. TRIDON has already shared the stage with such artists as Flyleaf, Tesla, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, The Chimpz, Royal Bliss and many others.

Meet this Amazing Voice “Wayne William” This guy belongs on “The Voice”

1391907031_DSC_0089 Don’t Fade Away Audio

The Parade Audio

This multi-talented artist began performing professionally at the age of thirteen and fell in love with writing. Over the years he has become incredibly dedicated to creating and producing his own compositions to perfection. After performing with the Mics and returning home from a UK tour with the former band Castaway, he launched his solo career as an artist. He has taken part in local and international festivals and has performed in concerts across the UK and Malta.

Recently, Wayne and his brother, Richard Edwards, created Battle of the Brothers, benefit concerts for Malta’s Puttinu Cares. The charity helps children with cancer get the treatment they need. His new album, The Parade was developed over the course of two years. Wayne not only wrote, recorded and produced the album, but he also launched his recording studio WM Studios in the process.

Brandon Mueller, owner of Shoot, Edit, Deliver, produced and directed “Don’t Fade Away.” The video clip is a mesmerizing display of Wayne William’s singing and performing techniques, and delivers a plethora of enchanting lyrics such as “Bullets start flying so we try to see it clearer / As the saints go marching in.” The song is rich with symbols and metaphors that are bound to life, love, and thoughts on religion. William is a definite talent and transcends contemporary music with “Don’t Fade Away.”

  • Eliza M (Artist) Eliza M
    Oh Wayne, what a beautiful voice!
  • Redblossom (Artist) Redblossom
    Very beautiful vocals; loved “Tonight!”
  • John Colella (Artist) John Colella
    Some fantastic vocals Wayne, enjoyable music site, well worth the visit.
  • Massimo Ghianda (Artist) Massimo Ghianda
    Good music on your profile!
  • Brent Zen (Artist) Brent Zen
    Hey Wayne, Great songs excellent vocals its all good.
  • Ayana Aquila (Artist) Ayana Aquila
    OMG, totally loving you music! You’re so going to give Chris Martin a run for his money! Keep on rocking brother, because you’re an amazing talent!
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Do it for the artists.

“Di Lee” A Beautiful Talented Amazing Singer who is very worthy of a listen.



Di Lee is a media artist in Los Angeles, California. Her strong sense of culture and heritage comes from being a half Chinese, and half Italian, American. She hopes that her music and poetry bring together and transcend all cultural & national borders in the celebration of this beautiful thing called life, that we all share together around the world. Di Lee is from a close knit family and says she has an eastern way of thinking. Taking lines from her original poetry she then began writing and producing music and is now combining fashion, photo-art, music and acting into a cohesive and creative package. To Di Lee, being a positive role model is a responsibility she takes seriously. Part of that responsibility is admitting you are human and touching people’s lives. Di Lee stands for goodness, equality, love, and describes herself as a soft warrior. Being a soft warrior to her means she can show compassion and love, but also is able to stand up and fight for what she believes in.


  • Pard Elektronica (Artist) Pard Elektronica
    “Arround the sun,” really enjoy it, wonderfull and relaxing.
  • MikeWhitePresents (Artist) MikeWhitePresents
    me and the troops are stopping by to enjoy your Battle Ballad Di…still one of the finest vocalists i’ve found on RN!!
  • Joe - NYC Guitarist (Artist) Joe – NYC Guitarist
    Played the new Shake it Video today. A great way to start the day…Happiness and joy from the BK.
  • kloudworks (Artist) kloudworks
    Enjoying your fantastic music this morning, Di. Wishing you a great weekend ~ kappi
  • Yolanda Foxx (Artist) Yolanda Foxx
    Supporting you & your Beautiful Songs! Have a wonderful day!! Peace & Love ❤
  • Ecologyngle (Artist) Ecologyngle
    New mix “Around the Sun” is out of this world Di Lee! You are the only one under the sun whose light will always shine! lots love * Patricia

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“Hailey Rowe” At The Bobby McIntyre “Indie Star Blog” Fantastic vocals and music you need to hear.

Hailey Rowe has always aspired to express herself creatively with music. With a musician father and a Type-A Mother, this Loyola Marymount University student began taking voice lessons at the ripe age of 5 and never looked back. As a teenager she attended The Groundlings, Judy Carter Comedy, David Kagan’s Acting School, Second City, Bosco Productions voice-over training, Improv Playhouse, and The Acting Studio in Chicago, and subsequently began meeting with music industry execs and talent agents.

In 2008, at the age of 14, Hailey started recording original music and had the opportunity to work with producers including Anthony Krizan/Sonic Boom Studios (The Spin Doctors), Pete Masitti/West End Studios (Hootie & the Blowfish, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira) and Eddie Galan of Mach 1 (High School Musical album). She sang at the White House Christmas party in 2010 and at the Pope’s Summer Palace in 2011.

In 2013 the 20 year old singer/song writer took to YouTube and released her first ever video for her song “My Boyfriend is Gay“. Rowe struck gold when it reached 23,000 views on the first day. Now with over 250,000 views, the video, which stars a plethora of faces from reality TV, has gotten tongues wagging and jaws flapping.
“My Boyfriend is Gay” has also garnered the attention of the Grammy-winning producers behind FUN‘s (We Are Young) album leading to Hailey writing and recording a song with them last summer.

Hailey’s new single “Don’t Need Your Approval“, is produced by Pete Masitti of West End Studios.

Giving back is also a huge part of Hailey’s mission. She has donated her time and talent to the American Cancer Society, The Garlands Memory Care Center, Hands of Hope, and has been the entertainer at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s (NOCC) Walk.

Hailey possesses a true passion for music…

Some of the latest comments from fans.

  • Quan Chi (Artist) Quan Chi
    Cool vibes & energy; “Champion” bumps. Keep on doing you out there Hailey
  • Pard Elektronica (Artist) Pard Elektronica
    “Champion,” is a great tune, love it. Wish you a great weekend.
  • Junior Rhobot (Artist) Junior Rhobot
    Very cool tracks, beautifull voice.
  • Tha GR1NCH (Artist) Tha GR1NCH
    great material! thank you for being a fan. stop in anytime and listen to my music and send a message
  • Blacken Light (Artist) Blacken Light
    Very Cool Sound/Songs, love the Vocals Hailey 🙂 I fanned you, followed you on Twitter and Subbed you on YouTube. Return the favor and give my Songs a listen here on RN if …
  • Tony Carroll (Artist) Tony Carroll
    Don’t need my approval you are a champion!!!

You can also find Hailey at these sites below to help her gain new fansHailey Rowetwitter1306271240_picFacebook1itunes 2youtube 1

Help Indie Star Music help great Talent

Meet Amazing Singer/Songwriter”Christopher Giles” The voice says it all.

Welcome to Christopher Giles Indie Star Blog spot… I so appreciate everyone stopping by… I am an up & coming original artist, looking to create music from the heart to echo the reflections of love. With years of performing experience under his belt, his desire to create, encourage and inspire those around him through his gift of music. I am also the current singer for One Wild Nite, and we are a High Energy, FUN, Dance/Rock Cover band… We play all over Central Florida!

I am a song writer/performer, even do some acoustic gigs on the side. I learned the guitar to lead worship and accompany vocals, as well to be able to write songs…

Music is a core peice of life.. and spiritual connection, thus allowing emotions to run free… I am blessed, fortunate, and thankful to be able to perform


  • Greg Grant (Artist) Greg Grant
    Great sound!
  • John Colella (Artist) John Colella
    Everything..vocals,music,lyrics & production..Fantastic job..Enjoyable listening pleasure all..
  • Clarke McAllister (Artist) Clarke McAllister
    Simply AWESOME!!!!!
  • Eva Rivera-Ferrell (Artist) Eva Rivera-Ferrell
    Hello! I stopped by to play your music and became a fan. If you get a chance, check out my page! Much luv & support! 
  • Blackwater Lake (Artist) Blackwater Lake
    Incredible stuff my friend!!!! Keep bringin em!! I’ll buy!!-David Allen,Blackwater Lake
  • Gary Shaine (Artist) Gary Shaine
    Good stuff Chris!

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Check out Amazing Pop/Singer/Songwriter Danielle Marie

1393003737_Danielle_Marie_Web-17Spinning Audio

Image  ISC 2013 Semi Finalist, young singer/songwriter Danielle Marie from Alberta, Canada has always had a passion for music. At the early age of just 10 months old Danielle could be heard singing her ABC’s loud and proud. She participated in early music programs and continued with music/band in school until 2011 when she decided to pursue her music seriously on her own. Heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran and Adele, Danielle released her first EP July 16, 2013 into the Folk/Alt Folk Genre. While it gained popularity quickly and even became #1 locally on ReverbNation, she felt there was more. A month later she headed to Nashville with 5 more songs in hand to record a full album and music video under the Pop/Alt Rock genre. After many crowd reviews it has been suggested that her music could easily cross into the Alt Country genre. The album, More Than Just a Girl, is now available on iTunes  With just 4 months on ReverbNation, thousands of plays, almost 15,000 fans and over 4000 Twitter followers alone she is currently #1 locally, #1 Nationally and as high as #2 Globally in the very large genre of pop music on the ReverbNation charts, Danielle is starting to gain a lot of international attention and was just featured on the front page of reverbnation for 3.4 million people to see. Making a music video gave Danielle a chance to indulge her other love of acting. Her ‘Mad Kicks’ video has created quite a stir. A natural performer and happiest in front of an audience, Danielle also currently holds the National 10 Dance Silver Champion title in Ballroom dance. It is obvious Music feeds her soul.

Some comments from fans.

  • Steve Inglis (Artist) Steve Inglis
    Astonishingly talented. Great songs with a nice twist on styles. WITHOUT YOU is a fantastic song. Can I have your autograph before you become mega famous 😉
  • Pard Elektronica (Artist) Pard Elektronica
    Hi, really enjoyed “Without you,” great track!
  • Chinook (Artist) Chinook
    Danielle Marie is the new Taylor Swift. Sounds great, keep sharing your gift!
  • The Midnight Waltz (Artist) The Midnight Waltz
    big fan..fantastic vocals..lovin it..nice one for linking up…all the best from over here in Liverpool UK
  • Junior Rhobot (Artist) Junior Rhobot
    Very cool tracks, the best luck ever from Rio.
  • Mike McWilliams, drummer (Artist) Mike McWilliams, d…
    I love your music and your voice, Danielle.
  • Some other sites to find Danielle.

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Bobby Mcintyre Indie Star Radio

Bobby Mcintyre Indie Star Radio

I love helping great artists and bands out, that is why I am now streaming music on my website  to support indie artists and bands from all over the world.
I will share who ever is playing on my site with thousands of fans and hopefully get your great music out there more. Every genre is accepted, However I will not play music that is racist or has to many fowl words that may be offensive to others.

I am hoping to see you all at my website to listen to Indie Star Radio. I also encourage you all to send me mp3s with your name of song and name of artist.

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