The secret of rejuvenation, Are scientists getting closer?

Are scientists getting closer to finding the secret of rejuvenation?

Hair loss and the development of skin wrinkles are something we all begin to experience, to greater or lesser degree, as we grow older.

These symptoms of aging are largely dictated by decline of mitochondrial function within cells.

Mitochondria are key cellular structures that produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the “fuel” that maintains healthy cellular function.

When mitochondria can no longer function properly or produce the required amount of ATP, this can have harmful consequences.

Other than leading to the wrinkling of skin and hair loss, mitochondrial dysfunction can contribute to the development of many chronic diseases.

In a recent study, Keshav Singh — from the University of Alabama at Birmingham — and colleagues have been experimenting with ways of reversing a DNA mutation that leads to mitochondrial dysfunctions.

In a paper now published in the journal Cell Death & Disease, the resea

The Secret Weapon for Pinks Chart-Topping Strategy – Music News


There were a number of factors that helped P!nk land a No. 1 album this week, from a concert ticket/album sale redemption promotion to the music itself. But the artist had a third trick up her sleeve that could help sustain her going forward: she went on a world tour of streaming-company offices.

“She spent a lot of time going into Spotify offices around the world — literally, she went into Spotify offices in Berlin, in London, in New York, in Los Angeles. We also did the same for Apple Music,” John Fleckenstein, evp of P!nk’s RCA label, tells Billboard. “She really took the time to make sure that she went in and met with these accounts and established herself with them to make sure they understand.”

P!nk’s partnership with Apple Music included a 34-minute documentary around the recording of Beautiful Trauma, which premiered exclusively on the service on the album’s release date and features a collage of candid interviews and behind-the-scenes studio footage.

Improve Your Hearing Naturally With Secret Hormone – Interesting News

This Secret Supplement Improves Your Hearing Naturally

Aldosterone is an adrenal steroid hormone from the mineralocorticoid family that is essential to your life. This is because it regulates kidney function and makes sure the amounts of electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate) in your body are in balance. This type of hormone is secreted naturally by your adrenal cortex and simultaneously regulates your electrolyte levels by helping to maintain blood pressure and bodily fluids, or it can be fatal.

An insufficiency of this hormone has also been shown to negatively affect your hearing ability. Brought back to the right balance, it can also improve your hearing naturally. But that’s not the secret supplement. That comes later.

Hormones are some of the most powerful substances known to man read full story …..

Taylor Swift has been in a secret romance for months – Music News

The Bad Blood hitmaker took some time off from the limelight after wrapping up her 1989 World Tour in December, 2015, but it appears she has been kept busy with matters of the heart during her break.

And she has been keeping her latest romance top secret for months.

“This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship,” a source tells The Sun newspaper. “The only people this has been a secret to is the media because Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families were aware they have been together for several months.”

Taylor’s previous romances with Brits Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston all ended in disaster, and insiders claim she’s keen to keeping her relationship with rising star Alwyn low-key in a bid to avoid another media circus, which has dogged so many of her past romances.

“After her 1989 tour and all the attention Taylor received, she learned she had to be more protective of her personal life and she please read on ………