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Twitter co-founder Ev Williams is selling 30 percent of his stock for ‘personal’ reasons – News

Twitter co-founder and current board member Ev Williams is going to offload some of his Twitter stock.

Williams, who was once Twitter’s CEO and is the company’s largest individual shareholder, said Thursday that he plans to sell a “minority of my TWTR” stock over the next year. A Twitter spokesperson said that he doesn’t plan to sell “more than 30 percent” of his holdings.

Williams was careful to say the sale was for “personal” reasons, not company performance reasons. Twitter’s stock is down more than 15 percent over the past three months.
Williams explained the sale in a blog post, and wrote that he has spent a lot of money investing through his venture fund, Obvious Ventures, and also donated a lot to charity and political campaigns over the past year. “I’d like to continue,” he added.

Williams sold about $4 million in stock this week, according to an SEC filing, and has set up a 10b5-1 trading plan.

The Hockey News (@TheHockeyNews) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from The Hockey News (@TheHockeyNews). With 1.8 million dedicated readers, The Hockey News is the No. 1 hockey publication in North America. Subscribe here: https://t.co/6e8uk3RKbi. Canada

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Paul Montgomery Is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer That writes Great Music With An Even Greater Message, Come Take a listen.


Paul’s story begins in the North Country of New York State. A small community one hour north of Syracuse called Watertown. The Montgomery home had a continuous stream of music being played. It flourished much like the wildflowers that you could find in the forest that was a stone’s throw from Paul’s childhood home. Each and every family member was a contributor to the rich inheritance that was to shape Paul’s love for music. It started with his parents fostering an environment that allowed their children to develop a love for music at an early age. Whether it was his mothers love for that hip swiveling, upper lip curling kid from Memphis as he sang about being a Hound-dog, or the fact that Paul’s father always made sure he left his acoustic guitar in plain sight where his children could bang out a sour note or two – the Montgomery brood were blessed to be raised in a home that was filled with music. The sibling influence was a major contributor to Paul’s musical upbringing as he would sneak into his sister’s rooms to check out the latest 45’s being played. One of the platters being spun on the mono record player was a hit song (at least it was a hit to the Montgomery’s) recorded by an uncle, Frank Filardo (Bobby Francis). This allowed a connection to be made at an early age for Paul – that music wasn’t something that a person could simply enjoy listening to, but music could actually be something that one becomes an active participant in. This realization manifested itself in a very profound and real way when Paul’s older brother parted with his Mayfair electric guitar just so his kid brother would have an electric guitar to play. Add to that mix a younger brother that was and still is FAN #1 and you can see how Paul was catapulted into a life long love for music and the passion to be a part of the creative process in making it.



The story of Paul’s musical journey contains a lot of familiar themes – starting and ending various bands (with one of the earlier outfits even allowing for a paycheck at the ripe old age of 13), experiencing the highs and lows of teen romance, and of course, how rebellion can get in the way of healthy relationships with mom and dad. Through all the broken strings, broken relationships and high school drama, Paul was diligent to work on his craft and grow as a person and musician. The fall of 1981 found Paul attending the Berkley College of Music. After some earned credits and a ton of life experience, he entered the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Las Vegas, and it was here that he truly became inspired anewby the “band” concept. The importance of working within a community setting to achieve a purpose that is more important than self. This was also a season that allowed Paul to discover the person of Christ.
Having located to Los Angeles, Paul attained a certain measure of success in the music business. Though the outward appearance of success manifested itself in playing well-known L.A. clubs and opening for nationally known acts, internally Paul was bankrupt. Mentally drained, physically tired and spiritually dried, Paul knew in his heart that it was time for the great exchange. He knew that God was being patient with him, that it was time to exchange his personal agenda for a higher calling. It was at this crossroads that Paul’s faith became active He began to understand that the un-examined life is not worth living. Doors were opened for Paul to use his gifts in a community setting. Paul began to play guitar on the worship team as well as being inspired to write music that reflected the love that God has for His children. Paul also received the honor of being a leader of worship at his community church.



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“Tridon”Some Serious Rock Music From Phoenix, AZ You Need To Hear.

TRIDON is a professional high energy hard rock band. They pride themselves on delivering their fans a fun and interactive atmosphere topped with hard-hitting choruses and powerful vocal messages. The bands performances have always been something to buzz about long after the show is over. Time and time again, TRIDON has managed to turn even the toughest skeptics into the biggest fans and their track record shows no signs of stopping. Having a professional and defiant attitude, They are determined to work hard and take control of their musical fate. TRIDON has already shared the stage with such artists as Flyleaf, Tesla, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, The Chimpz, Royal Bliss and many others.

Check Out The Very Cool Band “Village Echoes”

The most inspiring and unique bands are not the ones where musicians with identical musical tastes come together and just try to copy their shared inspirations. Rather, the best product comes from artists with a wide range of diversity in their influences, and each one bringing their own contribution to the musical equation. Sydney, Australia’s Village Echoes is the latter and this intricate rock trio has managed to create in their short time together a sound that will appeal to fans of everything from Bloc Party to Jimmy Eat World to Minus The Bear.

Village Echoes was born in Autumn of 2013 and quickly produced their debut EP Evolve, with optimizes their drive for diversity and desire not to become one dimensional. The AU Review notes that the band works with “weaving soundscapes mixed with a healthy dose of indie rock” and they noted that this young band has “a very mature sound.” Listening to Evolve and the sheer size of their sound, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that this band only consists of three members, Alex Almasi on vocals and guitar, Steve Parfitt on bass, and James Pounsett on drums.

Their standout track is “The Bike,” which is a thinly veiled kiss off about trading up for a new “bike” but then quickly realizing that this new toy isn’t as glamorous as they thought and that the pretty basket and seat are really just built for show, and not the durable kind you’d like to call your own. For the video for “The Bike” the band stays true to their simple approach and features themselves performing in front of a stark white background. Each member gets ample face time and is the perfect introduction to the band. The narrative follows a young lady who is out and about on her brand new bike, and while she is enjoying the ride on her new bike, she’s ultimately searching for something else. Will she find what she’s looking for or will her chase be futile? Check out the video to find out!



Junior Rhobot

Junior Rhobot  (1 day ago)

Very nice work, best luck ever guys.

Quan Chi

Quan Chi  (3 days ago)

Cool style & vibes; “Bike” rides nice. Keep on doing y’all out there

Hana Kahn

Hana Kahn  (3 days ago)

Thank you for becoming a fan! Feel free to send me social media links, I’m always happy to follow a fellow musician’s journey. (:
Hana, https://www.facebook.com/hanakahnofficial, https://twitter.com/hanakahnmusic

Massimo Ghianda

Massimo Ghianda  (8 days ago)

Great music on your page!

Chuck Brunicardi

Chuck Brunicardi  (9 days ago)

“In Memory” moving with fantastic chorus. Great vocals and tight band. Harmonies compelling. All the best.

Russ Pouliot

Russ Pouliot  (10 days ago)

way good stuff guys. hope to meet you some day


Blackkiss  (12 days ago)

You guys are killer, man…badass tunes and the groove is moving…


buchanproductions  (14 days ago)

As long as you guys come to the UK , there will be no trouble from me at all 😉

God bless

Extreme Dream Extreme Dream  (14 days ago)
thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. good sound here, with good vocals and instrumentation. i pushed PLAY ALL today. a couple of my picks: In Memory and Horizons.

The Boulton Brothers Band

The Boulton Brothers Band  (14 days ago)

Hey, Good vibes here!!…………………..

Please drop by and have a listen to our playlist if you have time ,TBBB


AJ CHRISTIAN BAND  (15 days ago)

great work


THE WORKERS  (15 days ago)

Enjoying “The Bike”. Very tight pop-punk substrate. Nicely played!!


BETA RAY  (15 days ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan. “Another Thought” smacks me good!

The Ohm Group

The Ohm Group  (15 days ago)

Great music!
The Ohm


hiway420.com  (15 days ago)

Loving the sound coming from down under! We are listening to “The Bike” here in Detroit…nice tracks..very nice vocals!


KAI  (16 days ago)

….great music with grand sound !!


J.O.A.  (16 days ago)

“Another Thought”…Great Song!!
Excellent Vocals!!

The Fabulous Del Counts

The Fabulous Del Counts  (16 days ago)

” Another Thought ” fantastic track.

Steve Zuwala

Steve Zuwala  (18 days ago)

Loved the music

You can also check “Village Echoes” out at these sites below

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