11 Worst NASA Accidents – #Amazing #Space #Videos

On July 16, 1959 at the peak of the Space Race, the Americans were struggling to keep up with the Russians as you’ll be able to tell from this video clip. Launched from Cape Canaveral, this was meant to be the response to the Soviets sputnik but it the cargo would never reach orbit. This spacecraft carrying a satellite lost control right away, with in 5 seconds of the launch during the blast off and performed mid air flips. What was supposed to make it all the way to outer space, only went, 250 feet less than the height of a football field. Everyone was extremely lucky to have not been injured from this event. A short from the rocket’s guidance system caused it to not fly in its intended direction. A few blunders by Nasa would eventually allow them to perfect their rocket systems. After the failure of the Juno, the Saturn rocket was developed to support the apollo missions which lead us to the moon read on and watch …..

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